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Top 5 React Frameworks / UI Component Libraries for 2019

24 May 2019

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Why a framework?

Let's address to the elephant in the room because if you landed here you probably have also considered writing the front end of an application all by yourself (or considered hiring a front end developer doing that for you). We all have that insecureness towards someone else's work, maybe it's not written in the same style as you want, maybe it doesn't compete with your level of quality but the truth is, your users don't care. From a business perspective as soon as you have a working application (or prototype) it's fine. Don't obsess with front end. Outsource work from people who are really good at what they are doing. That's why our products focus on creating the best experiences in the front end world. So why a framework? Because the only metric you need to worry about is time.

So here is a biased list of 5 React Frameworks to build the front-end of your application.

1. Material UI

We decided to go with this framework as our first product just because of it's popularity and the volume of ready-to-use components. We also wanted to test out the potential in terms of how open people are on using a framework and we were really satisfied with the result. The components are really well written and super easy to add, here's an example:

enter image description here

React Material Dashboard GitHub here

  • Great for startup projects (minimum viable product)
  • Scalable, you can build a wide range of products
  • Great community support
  • Not great for heavy-data apps

2. Palantir's Blueprint

This is clearly the best framework for heavy-data applications, and here why:

enter image description here

Source Dribbble: image link source

This frameworks is engineered for metrics, data, tables. There's nothing more powerful than Blueprint at the moment. So if you are building a metrics website like a finance, trading, cryptocurrency applications this is your comrade.

Here's an example of a table component:

enter image description here

Here's their GitHub Repo

  • Best for data-heavy interfaces
  • Hard to implement (senior front end developer)
  • Nice aesthetics

3. Segment's Evergreen UI Kit

If you couldn't tell this website's front end is written in Evergreen! Personally I think it's one of the best looking frameworks at the moment (24th May 2019), but unfortunately it's not the most popular because of the volume of components (27 components compared to 40+ from Material UI's)

But it's still solid choice for applications and apps that should look nice, emphasises on should.

Here's an example of a table from Evergreen from a personal project:

enter image description here

  • Best in terms of aesthetics
  • Easy implementation (junior front end developer could easily work with it) & great documentation
  • Not great for scalable applications (kinda of few components)

4. Ant Design

This is actually one of (if not, THE) favourite from the entire list. It has almost 46k stars on GitHub which makes it one of the popular and most backed-up and supported framework for react. The entire Alibaba front end uses this frameworks if I'm not mistaken, so you can guess how BIG it is.

Here's an example:

enter image description here

  • Super scalable for many applications
  • Easy implementation of components
  • Objective aesthetics

5. React Bootstrap

This should play the role of good old bootstrap but in a node environment. Looks just like the bootstrap you are used to, nothing fancy, easy to use. Just like a Toyota, you don't expect much but it works and it is reliable. The downside of this is that your application could be confused with the other 13 tabs of websites users have opened.

  • Easiest framework to implement (if you know bootstrap)
  • Poor aesthetics (I can be subjective)
  • Reliable & great support from the community

The end

So what's your favourite framework? Let us know in the comments section :) (coming soon)

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